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Argentina stands out in the global market for agricultural products, accounting for approximately 11% of globally traded products.
Facundo Larrere leads our sales team in the country, responsible for managing and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers to ensure genuine and secure business transactions.
In terms of exports, Argentina ranks as follows: the top exporter of soybean meal and oil, lemon oil and juice, peanuts, and beans; the second-largest exporter of yerba mate; third place in soybeans; fourth place in pears and powdered milk; and fifth place in wheat flour, beef, wool, sunflower oil, shrimp, and prawn exports.

North America

The United States is a significant exporter and importer of agricultural products and by-products, playing a crucial role in international trade not only as a buyer of raw materials but also as a supplier of organic and conventional foods to Europe and the wealthier countries in Asia.
Jim Velásquez, with over 20 years of experience in the business, is our sales representative in the United States. Assisting with a broad portfolio of American products and a great know-how in retail marketing, Jim understands and assists major firms trading in first-world countries.
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Arab countries

We have an office in Qatar, led by our Commercial President for Arab countries, Hassan Alshahwani. He is responsible for conducting all business with Arab countries, including the Maghreb region (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya) and the Gulf region (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman).
With our extensive portfolio of South American, North American, and European products, we select the right suppliers for each client, providing the necessary guarantees for their operations.


Brazil’s notable exported products include coffee (top global exporter), orange juice (top exporter), soy complex – grain, bran, and oil (second exporter), beef (second exporter), chicken meat (top exporter), and corn (fourth exporter). Cassava and beans are also among the key agricultural products of Brazil.

That’s why we have a commercial office in Brazil, where Leila is in charge of conducting all business and maintaining relationships with suppliers. She coordinates and directs the operations carried out there.