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To be the leading company in the international trade of beverages and food products, covering both human and animal consumption. We specialize in facilitating the connection between buyers and sellers worldwide, providing comprehensive solutions in terms of business, customs, logistics, and cultural aspects for both parties. Our main purpose is to provide opportunities for all our suppliers and buyers, creating a global ecosystem in which each involved party sees Klanvas Traders as the trading platform that enables them to achieve their goals


To be the flagship brand globally in the international trade of beverages and food. Although we have teams with vast experience and a network of significant contacts in each of our departments, we are convinced that the future of Klanvas Traders is just beginning. We aspire to become the preferred choice for the world’s leading companies when they seek to discover and capitalize on new and existing business opportunities. We strive to be recognized as a leading brand in terms of competitiveness and solutions for buying and selling products. In our long-term vision, we want Klanvas Traders to be the name that companies automatically associate with when seeking new opportunities for their businesses in the beverages and food sector.


Klanvas Traders is a brand defined by the human values that guide every individual within our departments across different parts of the world. In our work ecosystem, the quality of our human resources is fundamental, as each department is dedicated to building relationships with suppliers and/or clients, working with diverse cultures, and performing various roles. However, respect, transparency, and human ethics are the pillars that allow Klanvas Traders’ mission to flow naturally in the short and long term. These values form the foundation of our corporate vision. The quality of our human resources and our careful talent selection are among our main strengths, enabling us to make the most of our job and corporate opportunities. We understand that our organizational values on a global level are what set us apart from any other global network of food trading. Therefore, we emphasize one of our greatest strengths: the quality of our human resources throughout the corporation.


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