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Klanvas Traders

Global network for food and beverage trading

We market quality and trustworthy products, committed to health and well-being.

We facilitate secure transactions by bringing together buyers and sellers, providing comprehensive support and reliable credit.

We are a global network for trading food and beverages, both for human and animal consumption.

We deal with products such as meats, dairy, cereals and legumes, flours, fruits, vegetables, and retail products.

We have commercial offices in strategically located countries to ensure genuine client relationships and efficient logistical and port solutions.


North America

Arab countries

European continent

South America


Learn how we ship to the world

We have a chain of suppliers of high-quality products, ensuring that all products bearing our brand in the market are backed by the trust and quality of our suppliers.

+30 destination countries.

We ship thousands of products to all continents.

+100 product varieties.

We have a very diverse product listing.

1200 tons of shipments.

We average more than 1000 tons in shipping weight.

We have the resources to export our brand to any place in the world. We currently have fixed shipments to various destinations.


Explore our catalog of products offered for shipments to all continents.
We are leaders in shipping top-quality merchandise worldwide. Our direct connection with the country’s leading producers of the best raw materials allows us to send high-quality products to all countries. We have all the certifications and quality seals that endorse our experience and professionalism